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The day has ended. It was rather long.

I took Hannah to school this morning, which is always a joy. She's a good kid.

I went shopping for a new pair of jeans. I have been running low on pants. (English people call their underwear pants, crazy.) I was worried about going back to shop for long pants as I had an accident last time. I was in a rush and didn't have the strength of will to fight with the shop assistant so I accidentally spent $100 on jeans that are rubbed, dirty, have those pretentious, little sown up rips in them and are way too trendy for me.

So today I went shopping with trepidation. But I think it turned out alright. I bought jeans that I can live with and certainly aren't too cool. But I think they're cool enough that I won't get beat up by 15-year-olds on the station.

I came home and had a shower. The cleaners arrived while I was in the shower and I think they probably heard me singing.

Work was good. We set up for our big event tomorrow night. I enjoyed hanging around. When most people had left a few of us hung about for a silly sing along. Sam and Helen ate Indian with me.

Later tonight David and I watched In Good Company. It was a fun film. It made me laugh, it had a good ending but it wasn't perfect. It had a good little giggle at the corporate world. It inspired me to want to be a good husband and father when I get around to that part of my life. If "the road to hell is paved with good intentions" I could start a paving business.