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I don't write much about my days these days. Probably because they aren't fantastically interesting at the moment. I'm pretty happy, but not much out of the ordinary is happening. I don't have interesting stories to tell.

Take today for instance:
7:00am - Alarm goes off
7:33am - Get up and shower
8:06am - Have quiet time
8:54am - Make breakfast and watch Spanish News on TV (Martin was watching it, I didn't understand a word but it all seemed to be about traffic)
9:15am - Leave house, drive to work
9:42am - Arrive at work
9:45am - Check my emails and blogs
9:55am - Prepare Scripture
10:14am - Go to Scripture
10:20am - Teach Scripture (They laughed at my jokes. I had to censor the Bible today. Instead of saying "Come and sleep with me" I changed it to "Hey there tiger!"
10:50am - The bell went, back to church
11:00am - Start reading "Time Management" article before staff meeting
11:37am - Staff Meeting
1:15pm - Lunch with Helen and Stephen
1:47pm - Do some work (I can't remember what)
2:25pm - Burn the sermons from last week onto cd, and blog from the church computer
2:55pm - Send many emails (I sent 17 or 18 today)
3:15pm - Call my small group
3:45pm - Send more email, plan teaching for youth group
4:45pm - Find Lauren and go shopping for dinner
5:20pm - Put Dinner on
5:25pm - Write scene matrix for Larry
5:45pm - Have a Prayer Meeting
6:15pm - Have a Leader's Meeting
7:55pm - Go to Bible Study
9:48pm - Rach drops Liz and herself home
9:55pm - Drive home
10:25pm - Arrive home and went to the toilet and read about Christian sports people
10:35pm - Go on the computer
10:47pm - Start blogging.

There's my day. Facinating no doubt. As you can see there is good reason why I haven't blogged much about my days recently. But I am pretty content.