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I went to Warringah Mall today and disliked the experience terribly. The carpark is horrible. I drove across kilometers of roof-top parking finding no spaces and wondering if I had changed postcodes yet. It's not really easy to drive around looking for a park. It is easy to just drive forever across endless, rooftops of concrete and cars. I have been there before and every time I get lost in the car park. You want to park near Hoyts and you end up over the other side near David Jones.

Once inside the mall I didn't like it either. But I think I was just punishing the mall for the carpark.

Let me say though, that Hornsby Westfield is a completely different story. I know Hornsby Westfield like the back of my hand. Every nook and cranny, almost.

On Thursday I bought a new sound system for my family. I had to pick it up from Bing Lee and they told be to drive down to the loading dock. So I got to drive down deep into the dark, depths of Westfield. It was lots of fun.