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I remember on September 11, 2001 when I read the paper the first thing I said was "Oh God." Then I remember thinking that the world was going to change. Within a few days I had written an email telling George W Bush that he shouldn't bomb Afghanistan and that if my country called me up to fight in the Army, I wasn't going to go.

For a little while the world seemed uncertain, we had no idea what would happen next. These days, the world has changed, but we know what's going on. There'll be some wars, terrorists will blow things up, the West will continue ignoring the disparity between the way it lives and the rest of the world. Things will change. But slowly.

If things go well, the UN Millennium Development goals will be reached, world poverty will be halved, this won't be such an unequal world. If things go badly, the "democratic" conquest of the world will continue. The little guy will loose out. The extremists (from all sides of the conflicts) will keep pushing their agenda through violence.

Probably there'll be a mix of both. Neither of them are mutually exclusive. There are people working on achieving both at the moment. But I think I'm more of a pessimist than optimist. I'm expecting the "wars and rumors of wars."

I'm thinking about this because last night Ryan and I watched a French documentary called The World According to Bush. It wasn't very interesting. It didn't tell me anything I didn't already know. It was like a more serious, less over-hyped and sensational, version of Fahrenheit 9/11. But I'm interested in this world. I'm just wondering how to best participate in it.