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I have been rather tired today. I fell asleep a few times in church tonight. I wanted to tell the preacher that I fell asleep because I got 3 hours sleep last night, not because I didn't like what they were saying. But I don't know if they caught me napping, so I didn't say anything. It's silly to say sorry for something that nobody knows you did.

My sermon today went well. The 8am congregation was good. As Stephen says, I could say anything and they'd think I was lovely. It's the charm of being a young person. But I was getting a little worried about the 10am. But people were nice to me. Just before the sermon Steve came up to me and asked me to preach the shorter 8am version of my sermon because time was running out and there wasn't space for the extended edition 10am version. It was probably a good call. The only disappointing thing was that I had to cut out a paragraph that involved a joke about throwing Jesus off a boat. What a funny thought. "Lord overboard!"

I was in the shower this morning worrying that no one would like what I was going to say. I had to walk myself through my sermon assuring myself that everything I had written I had gotten out of the text, and so even if people didn't like it, it's still Biblical. I'm there to preach the word, not entertain people.

I preached on the whole book of Jonah and that was good fun. Jonah is a fun guy. Mainly because he's rather melodramatic and the most reluctant of prophets. But also one of the most powerful. Who converts 120,000 people with a one sentence sermon? Jonah does, that's who. What a freak!

Tomorrow I am going to two pubs, two coffees, and I reckon I might go see a movie too. And then I might watch Napoleon Dynamite when I have a break.