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I wagged Greek tonight. It was great.

I'm sure my lecturer will think I'm not in his class anymore. Last time I wagged a class he thought I'd quit the course. But I'm happy not doing Greek tonight. I looked at my book this afternoon and tried to do my homework and I realised I couldn't understand a word of it. I knew I'd go to class and not understand a word the lecturer said either and all I would do is doodle on my pad for 3 hours. So I thought I could better spend my time elsewhere. So I spent my time elsewhere.

I went over to Jo and Jem's house and played Social Worker games with Fi, Tracy, Jo and Jem. Things called "Strength Cards" which affirm your good points and build your self-esteem. There was laughs.

Then I caught the train home.

Going back in time...

I had lunch at Subway in Croydon Park today. Lunch at College was booked out, so I had to go elsewhere. I went to Subway. I'd never been there before, all I had were instructions for finding it from the lady in the office. When I tried to follow her instructions I found myself walking down a quiet little street going deeper and deeper into suburbia. But just when I was about to turn back, I found, like a oasis in a barren middle-class land, some multi-cultural shops. Hooray! There was even an "International Hairdresser" which I thought was rather odd, I have no idea how cutting the hair of someone who speaks Arabic is any different from cutting the hair of someone who speaks English, but I'll leave that to the specialists.

I ate my lunch at Subway and read my book in the sun. It was very pleasant. A nice intermission between Deuteronomy and Leviticus.