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Yesterday in Bible Study we talked about the Terri Schiavo case. It was probably one of the most interesting and intense Bible studies that I've been to. We divided the group into those people who would be prepared to take the feeding tube out, and those who wouldn't. Then we discussed it.

It was interesting because it all got quite personal. People talked about the times in their lives where they have had to confront death, life support and the value of those people who are less able than us. We talked about the point of human life and where it derives its value from.

We didn't come to any conclusions (as we rarely do in my Bible study group) but we came out with a greater appreciation of the complexities of the situation (or at least I did). Ethics are both wonderfully interesting and potentially extremely painful. Last night was a good reminder of that.

Today I did Greek work on the computer. It was more fun than I've ever had doing Greek before, but that's not saying much.

I also bought us a new sound system and DVD player for our house. It's very exciting, and works nice. Yay!