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Yesterday was great. I had such a good time. I watched four movies at the cinema in a row. Can you think of a better way to spend a day?

I arrived at Westfield at 1pm for lunch and went and saw a movie at 2:25. It was all go from there.

1. Hide and Seek - 2:25pm

Not very good. Robert De Niro is always fun, even if the film isn't good. Dakota Fanning is one of the best child actors I've seen in years. But neither of them could save the film. It was pretty run of the mill, and it didn't have much happiness to it. There were no redeeming qualities, no glimpses of hope and so it just became a dark film that didn't really do much for you.

Amount I would have paid to see it: $5

2. Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow - 4:10pm

I went into this film thinking that it wouldn't be all that good. As much as I like Jude Law and Giovanni Ribisi, I didn't think they'd make this film good. It just looked like it was living off its production design. And in a sense it was, but it was damn good production design. It was a great looking film mainly because it had so many nice little touches. The story was pretty B-Grade Science Fiction, but I'm sure that's what they were going for. And there were good little jokes the whole way through about the advanced nature of the 1940s technology. It was a fun film, certainly better than I thought.

Amount I would have paid to see it: $11

I had a break here and had some dinner at Subway with David and Anmol.

3. Cellular - 7:15pm

Here was a trashy film. The story was silly, the characters were pretty cardboard, the action was paint by numbers, the acting was poor, Kim Basinger was out of a daytime soap, but it was all a lot of fun. This really was a bad film, but I really enjoyed it. It did nothing more than fill and hour and a half of my life but it was an enjoyable one. Sometimes films like this just have a little cheeky charm to them, the film was like that annoying kid at school who wins you over only because they can crack a joke and smile well. I did enjoy this one, but it probably would have been better off it was never made. If only it had Hide and Seek's cast, then things would have been a little better.

Amount I would have paid to see this film: $7

4. The Aviator - 9:10pm

This was a good film. Leonardo has fully made up of Jack Dawson now. And Cate's Kate Hepburn was just fab. The film was perhaps a little long, but mostly it was engaging. It entertained me, it was well acted, and it was a balanced portrayal of Hughes (DiCaprio). The film had a sense of excitement and I spent the whole time going for Leo. The scene in the Senate hearing was one of the best "kick the bad guy's butt" scenes in ages. It made you excited but it did it with finesse, tension and very little obvious manipulation. It was great. I liked this film a lot.

Amount I would have paid to see this film: $15

After that Howie and I walked home. I got home at 12:30am. I was a very happy boy.