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My internet has been down at home. It's so sad. So hard.

You feel like you're getting millions of emails, and people are just blogging away, and you can't check. I didn't even bother turning on my computer this morning. It's like I'm depressed. I'm not though.

I'm in the city at the moment. I had a break between classes so I came here to use the net. I don't have access at home. I have Greek tonight which I'm not looking forward to. I don't feel smart enough for it. I'm struggling to feel smart enough for any of this college at the moment. The challenge is fun, but tiring.

I left my book at home today, it's rather depressing. I listened to sermons on the train on the way in, I'm not sure what I'll do on the way home.

I'm not doing very well at doing my job at the moment. I finished this weekend feeling like I'm doing a bad job. My talks have felt very average, and I feel like I'm not making things all that interesting. But it's been really cool to see all the young people again. I really like the youth. I know I say that often, but my thoughts haven't changed.

I went to a barbeque on Saturday night and spent almost the whole time talking to people I didn't know. It was amazing. I rarely felt awkward, and I was kinda social. Perhaps I grew a little on Saturday night.

I think I might go find some dinner (I know it's early but I'll eat again when I get home), then find my way back to college.