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Kaia Weds Mark

Yesterday was the first time I’ve ever been to the wedding of an ex-girlfriend. Kaia once said to me that she didn’t want to ever be just an ex-girlfriend of mine and she’s not. Most of the time I think of her as Kaia, not as my ex. But when you go to a wedding love is kinda the name of the day, so it’s certainly in your head. Plus there was quite a few jokes directed my way during the night, given my status as an ex-boyfriend of the bride. I think I should have gotten a special seat or something.

Anyway, I’m sure I’ll get philosophical and reflective at the end. Now is too early. Now is like eating ice cream at the entrée.

The wedding looked good. Kaia looked good. St Peter’s is such a tops church to get married in and so close to my house too. If I was a chick I’d be stoked to get married in St Peter’s I’d be thinking “Look at me in my white dress on this red carpet, with the stained glass windows, and the brown bricks. I look like a dream. Aren’t you all jealous?” That’s what’d be going through my head.

If I was a bloke getting married (which is probably a little more likely at this stage) I’d be like “Look at me in my suit, here I am at the front. I’m getting married. Yep.” And then I’d probably repeat that to myself a few times. Being the groom isn’t nearly so fairytale, I guess. Unless of course it’s an Elvis wedding, and then well, that’s fairytale to the max.

But I digress. The wedding was nice. It was a wedding. They’re almost always nice. I’m a romantic. It was interesting because it was Kaia and Mark. I’ve never had someone that close to me get married. Mark is a top bloke. If I could have picked a man for Kaia I would have picked Mark I reckon. (I thought about writing there “If I was a chick, I would have married Mark myself.” But I think people might think I’m a little strange if I keep putting myself in hypothetical situations as a woman.)

After the wedding a lot of us packed out the Hannah Van and drove through the heavy rain, through the storm, down to Berowra Waters for the reception. There was no power at the reception venue because of the storm. For three hours we had no power and had to make do with candles and old fashioned entertainment like conversation. I met two people called Natalie and Jordan who were most friendly. I think it may have been a little sad for them that they got stuck on our crazy table, but we did alright out of it. I think we were happy to have them.

Michael was there. I like having Michael around, he’s good to hang with. Shame I never see the man. I think as I get older weddings from the Hornsby crew will become more and more of a youth group reunion. We had a photo of the old youth group taken, just for old-times sake.

Once the power came back on, it was goodness all round. I liked the food, and the electric light was fun. At the garter toss David got involved in a violent tussle on the floor with another guy. It was great, made my night. We did that huggy circle thing at the end, then Kaia and Mark left. And that was that. We caught the Hannah Van home and I drove along wondering how it had affected me.

I do think it was weird. It was weird because Kaia was such a marrying type, and then she got married, and it seemed kinda natural seeing Kaia in her dress getting married to a man in a tux. But then it also felt a little like a dream. And it was all weird watching it from the back of the church. Maybe more like I was an observer than a participant. That was the same feeling having my table at the back of the reception venue. Perhaps it felt like we, the St Pete’s crew, sent Kaia off and she got married. Once she graduated from our crazy group she was ready to get married. I don’t know if that makes sense but the connection between us and Kaia was a lot thinner than it used to be. But I knew we had played an important part in her life and I was proud to be there. Proud of her I think.

I do like Kaia. I like her a lot. She’s got one of those special places that ex-crushes get. She gets special privileges. I’ll always look forward to seeing her. I’m looking forward to visiting her and Mark in the house and feeling like a grown up with my married friends. I think they’re great.

So I say “Yay for Kaia and Mark” I’m looking forward to seeing God bless them and their marriage heaps. Good stuff you two.