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At College I didn't seem to be registered on any of the computers, and I haven't got my student card yet, so I went to the office and asked them "Can you tell me if I exist?" People laughed. They said it was an odd question. Apparently having an existential crisis is not as common as I thought.

I then proceeded to ask them lots of questions about what a part-time student can and can't do. They told me some of my assumptions were wrong because I'd been reading the prospectus which is only for Full Time students. I asked them if there was a book of rules for the Part Timers. They told me "No".

I think that Part Time people must live under grace rather than law. Or perhaps we are meant to be working from the law that is written on our hearts. I'm finding that a little difficult at the moment, I can't find any of my assessment tasks or their due dates written anywhere near my cardio-regions. But, of course, if I don't exist no one will notice if I don't hand in any assessments.