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Valentine's Day

I have no problem with Valentine's Day.

Sure I've never got anything but I'm sure there are many couples out there who Valentine's Day has done wonders for. Who cares if it's commercialised? So is everything else. It just seems a little more crass because the church never managed to appropriate it and send us to church on Valentine's Day morning.

I reckon there has been many a relationship created, rekindled, and cemented on this day of love, so I say, more power to the popular people. Isn't it good that so many people get such a self-esteem boost out of today? No doubt it's probably temporary and superficial but Christmas is mostly that too.

I had a friend today ask me why couples don't just celebrate their love for each other everyday of the year. But if that was the case then all the sad single people would be even sadder the rest of the year.

In fact, I felt quite happy being single today because I didn't have to participate in Valentine's Day at all. There was no pressure what-so-ever. So single people do not loath this day because you are single. Instead let us rejoice that the very cause we have for our loathing is also the freedom we have not to participate in it.