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I finished reading Sean Astin's book about the making of the Lord of the Rings today. It was an interesting read, but I'm glad I'm done with it. I got a little sick of him. The book was pretty egocentric. Sean spent most of the time telling me what mood he was in each day of the film making process, and how fat (or skinny) he was in just about every period of his life till now. He also told me on every second page that Lord of the Rings was a $270 million production and that he wants to be a famous director. It got a bit tedious.

Since I finished that book I started Tell Me No Lies which is a collection of investigative journalistic pieces from 1945 on. John Pilger edited it and he introduces it with a biased attack on the mainstream media saying it is the puppet of the governments. Or perhaps that the governments are the puppets of the media moguls. Or something like that. He seemed a little like an intellectual Michael Moore who doesn't make jokes. I'm enjoying the stuff after the introduction though. I'm feeling like I'm getting educated.

Am I getting picky in the books I read? I used to think you couldn't get any better than Tom Clancy.