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I have found myself with a few free minutes here at work so I thought I might take this opportunity to blog. I have to go to small group soon but right now I thought I’d take a break from the strenuous work of youth ministry.

I lost my internet at home again yesterday, but that was due to the painting. We had to disconnect everything so the lounge room could be painted. It’s so sad how often recently I’ve lost my internet.

Yesterday I went to a lunch at Grandpa and Valentina’s house. Upon arrival I discovered the unit was populated by 5 of my relations from New Zealand. I’m not sure how I’m related to them, but it’s at least good to know they’re around just in case I run into monetary troubles in the future and have to call upon that blood bond.

It was a lovely lunch. There were three boys, who may or may not be 8th cousins of mine, who you could classify as “Youth”. They were fun, it was good having people around who dress similar to me. Valentina made me a cake that was tops. It was a birthday cake. It was my first birthday cake this year (apart from the one at staff meeting which I shared with Belinda, so I won’t count it because it sounds better if I don’t). I think it may have been my last too. This is in stark contrast to last year when I got, on average, a cake every fifteen minutes. I think people’s love for me must have substantially dropped since last year.

I watched Ray the other day. That was a good film. I saw it during the day on Tuesday. What a fun time to go to the movies. I was in a cinema full of old people. They talk all the way through the ads and the credits “Oh isn’t Robert de Nero looking old?” “Who’s that woman, looks a bit young for him?” “Ray Charles was black, oh my.” Things like that. They were a very different audience from the young adults who seem to populate my usual screenings. I guess cheapo Tuesday and film without guns brings the Senior Citizens out in droves.

When the film finished I had to go to the toilet, so I got up to leave during the credits. I looked around and realised I was the first one to leave. The rest of the cinema was glued to the screen. I felt like a bad, uncultured (nekulturny) person. It was a change from usual when I’m the last to leave because I may watch 20 seconds of the credits (I have been known to stay right to the end.)

The film itself was very good. Ray Charles makes good music. Jamie Foxx makes good Ray. Taylor Hackford and friends make good film. Yay for them.

I had my first preaching class last night. It didn’t inspire me hugely. There wasn’t much wrong with it. But it didn’t give me much passion about preaching, except a story about Polycarp, Eusebius and a monk who cut out his tongue. That was good. That stirred me.

Although I did get inspired the other night when I started creating my own lecture on preaching in my head. I’m sure it wasn’t really what all the good Sydney preachers of today would like. But I enjoyed it. It really appealed to me. Funny that.

Now it’s time to be off. Yay.