5/13/2009 05:27:00 pm

Victory in Defeat

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So I went to Centrelink yesterday to sign up for New Start (unemployment benefits). That was depressing. I felt rather like I was giving up. Underemployment had got the better of me (though I haven't got any money yet). The woman at the desk put me on the phone and they booked me in to see the Employment Agency today.

I didn't really want to go. I was expecting to have to have a meeting with someone who would ask me why I don't just to youth ministry or youth work. They wouldn't understand the purpose of not working in my field of expertise. And they'd tell me my resume was crap. And I'd have to go to Job Search training.

I went to the meeting today and filled out a form. The receptionist took the form and told me that they were being shut down by the Government in 6 weeks so I don't have to worry for at least 6 weeks. Then she showed me how to use the JobSearch computer and I was done. That was the whole appointment. It was good. I think I signed up at just the right time.