5/21/2009 11:40:00 am


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I hadn't heard anything about my prospective job with Sydney's Largest Supplier of Trains for a while, so I sent them an email yesterday. Turns out that they had emailed me and it had disappeared, probably during the time when my email address stopped working.

The outcome was I didn't get the job. Not because I didn't pass all the selection criteria, they just didn't have enough spaces in the training centre. So they've recommended I be put on an eligibility list. It seems that should they need more people, they'll create the list, and if they create the list I'll be on it. How it is that the list of people to go on the list is not just the list, I don't know. But all up, I'm not too disappointed. I probably wouldn't have been able to take the job anyway because of my upcoming overseas jaunts. This way, if they do create the list, put me on it, then offer me the job, I'll probably be finished with my North American tour, so I might be able to take the job.

In other news Centrelink gave me a book to fill out so I can apply for jobs. 10 a fortnight. I have applied for one so far. There I have a similar problem in that any job I apply for will have to be willing to wait 6 weeks for me to start. I doubt anyone will want to do that. But I'll apply because that's what Centrelink want.