5/13/2009 12:39:00 am

God Bless the USA

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I'm now almost fully booked for my impending Guatemala-US trip. The Visa Waiver site has told me I have a waived visa. It's most exciting. I leave in less than a month. Off to Guatemala to eat Pollo Campero and to see my sister marry some guy. And then off to the USA to eat everything (especially stuff that comes in a can) and live the American dream.

We'll be going to Washington, Ocean City, New York then LA. It'll be sweet. We have amazing things planned like Medieval Times (inspired by Dicker's Mum) and walking on the third best board walk in the USA. Oh yeah.

I'm totally excited. Pretty much our planning has been, if it's in a movie, we'll go. So Grand Central Station, The White House, Hollywood, Times Square. We may even go to Disneyland! How can one country have so much goodness? Plus we're catching Grayhound buses for two legs of the trip. Sweet. I hope they're old and melancholic 70s music plays from the sky when we get on the bus. That'd be the most awesome.

I can't wait.

Oh did I mention I get to go to my Sister's wedding too. I should mention that.