5/09/2009 12:50:00 am

Kicking It

Posted by Unknown |

I got my first set of patrons kicked out at work tonight and it was an entirely satisfying experience.

During the concert, there was a guy dancing in the aisle which, while I totally understand the urge to dance in the aisle, you're not allowed to do. So I asked him to dance in his seat. He moved a little so I went back to my post. By the time I was back at my spot he was back dancing in the aisle. So after a little while of waiting to see if he'd move I went back to ask him to move again. By this stage another guy had joined him.

I asked them to move. They kept dancing. I asked again, and they turned around and danced and sang loudly, in a rude manner, in my face (!). I said in the end "You need to move or it'll be security who come back." They didn't move, they kept dancing and singing in my face. So I turned around and left. I could see lots of people laughing at my ineffectualness. But I knew they'd answer for their mis-dance-deeds. I have powerful friends.

I went in search of security but they had all been seemingly raptured. When I came back to my spot the disobedient dancers had moved. When I finally found some security, the guys were back, so I went and asked the two security guards to go have a chat to them. They guys refused to stop dancing in the aisle even for the security guards, so they were manhandled, out of the building, and they danced the whole way.

I was impressed by their non-violent dance protest to our disapproval their disobedient dance practices. But I was more impressed seeing them get kicked out. I did love feeling vindicated. It felt good.