5/31/2009 11:56:00 pm


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I got to preach again on Friday. It was my first time preaching at the new church. I was at a youth church event, which, because it was youth church, meant there was less light more noise and a game or two, but otherwise church.

It was good to be preaching again. It was my first time doing a full talk with no notes. I'd written a full manuscript, but I decided after I ran through it that it was too long. So I went notes free to see if it would speed me up. It didn't. Oh well.

Otherwise being notes free was good. I feel like it was a step forward in being able to speak more naturally and connect with the group. I felt like it was a step back in my ability to get things right. I stumbled over my words more and nothing seemed as polished. But still I liked being pushed like that.

Anyway, it was recorded so I'll stick it up at some stage I reckon, just in case you're interested.