5/04/2009 11:41:00 am


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I went to a reunion last night for the camp I went on last September. They got me to speak.

I came prepared with a camp specific talk, catered right to the group who we went on camp with. I had decided that since I have the time, I'd write a talk specific for the occasion. I had never been to a reunion before with a talk, but I was happy to oblige. I had also never been to a reunion on a Sunday night before, but I could cope with that too.

When I arrived at the church where the reunion was on Liam (whom I love), informed me that this reunion was a reunion within a regular church service. The church we were at was willing to let a bunch of people they didn't know take over their church service and reminisce about "the good times". How odd, but kind and hospitable too.

The problem that this posed for me was that the service had a congregation of people whose ages ranged from mid-twenties to mid-fifties. I had a talk pitched at teenagers. I didn't think the middle aged people would be so moved by my application about getting drunk at parties and hooking up with randoms.

So I did what I could quickly and tried to think up some new application for the older folk and did my best. I also took out the illustration about the man the smelt like poo.

I did my best but I'm not sure the application for the people over the age of 17 was the strongest point of the talk. Still I enjoyed the reunion, and it felt good to be preaching again.