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Jews for Jesus get people upset again

It's funny how easy it is to upset people. There are Jewish groups that are upset with the Jews for Jesus and the Anglicans trying to convert Jews.

It seems that everyone likes their own evangelism and they don't like anyone else's. Like for a Muslim it's good for a Muslim to try and convert a Christian but it's bad for a Christian to try and convert a Muslim. For a Christian it's good for Christian to try and convert a JW, it's bad for a JW to try and convert a Christian.

Getting upset about evangelism from "rival" religions seems to me to be double standards. I believe in evangelism and I think all faiths should be allowed to practice it. We are not living in a theocracy. Every religion is viewed as having equal value. We should all be allowed to try and convert each other. May the best faith win.

A fear of evangelism by another faith seems to me to display a certain lack of faith in your own religion. If Christianity really is worth being part of people should be able to stick at it despite the attacks from other faiths. The same should be true for others.

I love it when people try and convert me. It's interesting, it's dialogue, it's informative, you feel valued (at least for a little while.) Perhaps, rather than get upset about other people trying to convert your followers, you should spend more time equipping them to see why there is no other faith worth following than your own.