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I woke up later than planned today. Probably due to going to bed later than planned.

Every morning I eat a Top Deck easter egg before breakfast because they are sitting on the shelf in the pantry at eye height, just above the Corn Flakes. It's wonderful.

I had lunch with Tanya at the Greengate today which was very exciting. I was excited about eating a pub lunch, I like pub lunches, and hanging out with Tanya too. I don't think I've properly spent time with Tanya for ages. I think because I don't need to give her lifts places and she's not a youth leader anymore. So we had fun. Well, I had fun.

This week has been a mild catch up week. It's been most enjoyable. Ryan is coming round tonight. We're going to move furniture, eat noodles and watch a dvd. Probably a very blokey one.