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I'm eating a mini cheesecake that I bought last night (Sunday night, it's only 12:34am) at the moment and it's not very nice. Way too sweet.

Last night after church Helen, David and I went and saw Hostage. It was a good way to chill out. Not a fantastic film but it was good to just stare at a big screen for two hours.

Today I woke up late.

I went to Killara to hang out with my lovely friend Mike. We were going to go to the Greengate for lunch, which was an exciting idea for me, but in the end we ended up eating take away chicken burgers in his kitchen. I think it may have been too expensive.

I came home, hung out some clothes, dropped off the Donny Jaffa costume, picked up my dog from the Hayes then headed off to Croydon for dinner with Ryan, Jo and Jem. We had Sticky Date Pudding. It was real tops.

Today has been more exciting than it sounds.

Right now I'm making a Wisdom with Tabitha video so I can put it on the net. How exciting!