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I've been rather zonked today, post Soul Survivor.

I had a very fun 5 days though. I decided that my favourite thing about the conference was spending 5 days with 30 of the youth. That doesn't sound as exciting to me as much of the other stuff, it was a rather unemotional event for me. But I don't think that having a good five days with people is unspiritual. But if I were to justify that (which may be unnecessary) would have to indulge in a long rant about community and the body of Christ.

Doing The Donny Jaffa Show was interesting. It was always a little scary going out in front of 300 people with very little material prepared and have to be funny for half an hour. "Be funny" is not a command that I'm all that comfortable with. But it seemed to me that I was funny enough.

The role of the show was to get people seated in the Big Top before the main meeting. I did my job well if the tent was full at 7pm. It was interesting that all the jokes, games, video and silliness was all in service of the main meeting. It was important to remember that so I didn't invest the show with too much importance. But on the other hand I had to remember to make the show good because if it was boring, as well as me looking stupid, the show wouldn't have done it's job. So I had to have a good show for the main meeting, not so that I would look good. But if things did go bad, I would probably look stupid.

Anyway, the show was fun. The interviews were silly, I think my interview technique is rather useless. Everything is just an excuse for a joke, it's not really there so that people can learn things. The Conan O'Brian Show annoys me because Conan uses his interviews with his guests as an excuse to talk about himself. Donny uses the interviews as an excuse to make a joke. That's not much better. I have become what I despise. Nooooo!

The shows were also a little scary because I think was often in danger of offending people. There were often things that I said or did where I thought "Oops". But no-one complained loud enough for me to hear it.

The food at Soul this year was good. I looked forward to every meal. And it was cheap. How exciting! Cheap and good, everything you want for a week away.

I also managed to make it to quite a few seminars this year. Last year, I missed almost all the seminars because I was at home burning DVDs. By the grace of God, this year I had all the DVDs done early.

I'm not sure what else to say. I don't feel like saying lots of spiritual stuff. It's always worthwhile spending five days learning about God and singing lots of songs.

I think it might be time for me to go to Church. Yay! Ewan and I worked out that with all the time we spent at talks and praising God you could take 6 months off church. If only it worked like that...