4/11/2005 03:02:00 pm

DVDs and Academics

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I finished all the Donny Jaffa DVDs at 4:30am last night. I was going to blog but I couldn't be bothered. Today, I'm chilling out. I woke up at 12:30 today while some workman banged away downstairs giving us a new floor.

This past 24 hours has been quite strange. I spent all the time while my DVDs were rendering taping up doors and cupboards so that floor dust wouldn't get in them. I also packed for Soul Survivor. It's a strange feeling packing your car and renovating your house at 3am.

While I was packing for Soul I found underneath some clothes a big envelope that contained my Diploma of Theology. It's amazing what you find tucked away in your room. I didn't know I had graduated from my college till then so I had a little graduation for myself and took photos. I can now officially put letters after my name. I graduated at 2:04am this morning.

I am Thomas John French Dip. Th.

I'm so important.