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Everyone left my house this morning at 4:30am. I'm the only one who stayed in bed. I'll be the only one who lives in this house for the next two weeks.

I was having a dream this morning about a guy who broke into my house and wanted to bash me. I woke up after that dream to the sound of the front door of my house being unlocked. I couldn't work out who it would be because everyone is away. I assumed it would just be some friend of ours who knows where the spare key is.

I heard them walking around and I tried to go back to sleep. I couldn't work out who it was though. I was hoping that whoever it was wasn't planning on robbing my house. The only thing in the living room at the moment is a tv though. I decided that if I heard them moving the TV I'd get up.

I heard the flick of a switch and a plug being fiddled with in the wall. I thought "That's it I'm getting up, someones stealing the telly." Then I heard this sound like a vacuum. "Who would come over to my house on a Saturday morning to vacuum my floors?"

I walked out into the living room and there was this big Islander bloke standing in the middle of the room with and electric saw plugged into the wall. We looked at each other and both tried to work out who shouldn't be there.

I said "Good morning"

And he said "I've come to fix the kick board on your dishwasher" (stupid diswasher)

Me: "Oh"

Him: "I rang yesterday and talked to your mum. You didn't know about that?"

Me: "No. Doesn't matter."

Him: "Ok. I bet I woke you up, eh?"

Me: "Yeah. Oh well. Have fun."

And then I went back to bed.