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I had to go and talk to the Principal of my college tonight and I got really nervous. I had to ask if I was late handing in an assessment (he teaches my preaching class) and I was hoping he wouldn't put me on detention for not knowing when my assessment was due in. I thought it would be fine, he seems like a pretty nice guy. But I was a little worried none the less.

When I got to him though, it was fine. I have a month till my assessment is due in. He didn't put me on give me a warning or anything. He was friendly to me.

I also told him that I enjoyed the college function that I went to on Tuesday night. I don't often go out of my way to give compliments but I really enjoyed myself so I thought it should be shared. I'm growing as a person.

Don Carson spoke at the function and he was cool. He awed me by being a smart guy. I think that I would be very intimidated if I was his friend. Lucky I'm not and I can just sit with another 500 people and wonder how he manages to pull things off so well. He spoke for an hour barely looking at his notes, never stuffing up his words, and saying good stuff the whole time. He was impressive.

Also impressive was the auditorium we were in. We were at Shore Grammar School and the auditorium was very cool. I wished I was back at school, and had somehow managed to be back at an exclusive, posh, boys school (as opposed to my un-exclusive, co-ed, tacky public school.) It was almost like a professional theatre. I would have been running school musicals every week had I gone to that school.

I sat in there wondering how they manage to hold school assemblies in that hall. I wouldn't be able to listen to the principal, I'd spend my whole time wondering when the Can-Can girls were going to come out and if they were selling Choc-Tops in the foyer.

Gosh life is hard sometimes.

I should be asleep but it doesn't feel like 1am.

I'm looking forward to April Fools Day although I'm sure at some stage I'll look like an idiot. I hope no one dies tomorrow because who ever tells me the news I won't believe them and then I'll feel guilty. Actually I hope no one dies any day, but especially tomorrow. If you are planning on dying tomorrow, put it off a day, you'll make everything less complicated.

That was not an endorsement of suicide by the way. I only meant dying by natural causes (or a car accident or something, but they're kinda natural these days anyway.) If you were planning on committing suicide tomorrow put it off a least a week. And if you get to the end of the week and still feel like it, put it off another week. And then keep putting it off till you don't feel like it anymore. Kinda like when you need to go to the doctor about that embarrassing rash.

I should be a suicide counselor.