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Yesterday I stayed in the apartment writing my sermon all day, except at around 6:00pm when I went out to find some dinner. I ended up having a meatball sub from Subway. I was hoping for some funky Asian cuisine, but it was not to be.

Today was a normal church day.

I got really nervous before my sermon tonight before I preached. Somedays I'm not worried some days I'm packing it. Tonight was the most scared I've been in a while. More than Canberra or College, that was funny. I'm not completely sure why. A number of factors I guess. But once I got there I was fine.

It wasn't a bad sermon. I would really like to preach a teaching sermon (not evangelistic) on the passage I did tonight. So much good meaty theology in it. I'm hanging to do a meaty sermon. Of course, I don't think I'm the meatiest preacher in the world, but it's fun to go a little bit harder. People who aren't Christians often don't seem all that interested in our theology.

After Church, Anmol and Helen and I went and ate Chinese in Dee Why. How fun. Anmol and Helen paid for me. Yay for them. They're good people.

Tomorrow I'll learn Psalm 51 off by heart for my college assessment. Perhaps the faculty are trying to hint at something.