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I preached at college today. It was the first time I've done a real preach at college. It was a little scary.

I got hot too.

Sometimes people say that talking about your day is boring. It could be. I find my days boring sometimes. Not today though. I listened to sermons on the train. That passed the time well. It was quite a different experience from listening to music. I even did the Bible readings before the sermon.

I wore my new shorts today, which was quite like wearing my other shorts except with a few more pockets. I drank Coke, Sprite and Solo too. They are good drinks.

I wonder if I talk about my feelings. Some people think I don't. I tend to agree with them. Maybe at the moment. Maybe it's about asking the right questions, maybe it's about being the right person.

I think it's more about the questions.

That's not to say that I'm bottling things up. Actually I could be. I don't think I'm saying I'm full of feelings that I really need to tell someone. I think if I need to tell someone, I do. If people want to know, I'll tell. Unless it's a bad idea to tell them. Then I don't.

In Anger Management the guy went to anger management classes even though he seemed like the most benign guy in the world. He didn't seem the least bit angry. But he was really repressing all his emotions and needed to get them out so he could truly live.

At first I thought, I don't get angry much I wonder if I'm repressing it. But I find it difficult to think of times when I have felt angry. But the guy didn't realise it, so maybe I don't.

But then I thought, the film seems to be about giving your feelings free reign. If you feel something you should act on your feelings. If you're angry at your boss, show him, if you love someone, kiss em. That kinda thing. But it's very selfish. If all we do is what our emotions tell us to do were slaves to our feelings. People only ever do what seems good at the time, and the consequences come later.

I don't think repressing your feelings is a good idea. But then again, I don't think acting on all your feelings works either. I think Doc was right when he said to Peekay, "First with the head, then with the heart." I know it desentimentalises feelings, but it also puts them in their place. Feelings should fuel the passion of our decisions, not make them for us. Feelings then serve us, and not we them.

Did I mention that it was hot today?