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Yesterday I had a Coke party. It was good fun. I had people over to the unit and most of us commiserated about the election result. One person gloated.

I had my first drink of Coke in 145 days. It was good. And we made speeches and it was all fun.

I really like letting people in at the buzzer. When it plays crappy music and you see people on the little screen. So fun.

Today I was back at work. I did a Children's talk as an assessment for college. I didn't like it very much. But it was 60% of my assessment so even if it's crap it's done. I have to finish the other 40% between now and Tuesday.

I had a long lunch with Helen and then and almost as long meeting. Lunch with Helen is a good occurrence. We eat, and talk, and have a laugh. Life would be much less good if we didn't get along.

At Macca's tonight we tried not to laugh at various death stories. Now I'm at my pad I've had some spaghetti on toast. It was pretty dull.