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I had a fun day today. Liz came to visit me today. She was my first visitor to this bachelor pad. She arrived while I was eating my Coco Pops. We scanned together, and it was fun to have company in my morning.

Rach and I went driving some more today. We went to the RTA to book a test. While Rach was talking to the RTA man about driving instructors in Taree an old man managed to fall over, flat on his back, as if he had walked into a wall, except there was no wall, right in front of the RTA. I rushed over to see if he was ok. He was. There were a few other people who also joined the huddle. The man was ok and we helped him stand up. I was pleased with myself that I rushed over to help. Usually in situations like that I assume someone else is more qualified than me, and I should stay out of it. I'm glad I didn't even if I wasn't much help in the end.

At church we had lunch with Helen, and met some of the "youth". They were fun. For the first few hours of today, I did almost no work. We made up for that in the end by doing a mail out to the whole youth group.

Pub tonight was good. I ate BBQ ribs and Lesley was there. That was exciting because it's the first time we've seen her at the pub and I think Lesley is tops.

I'm back in Chatswood now. Tomorrow I will do some college work. Yay for college work. I might visit Westfield too.