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Well I'm kinda excited. It's election day tomorrow. I love elections. I love filling out the boxes.

I went and saw The Life and Death of Peter Sellers last night with Mum, Dad and Jo. We had fun. We had dinner. I love my family. I laughed a lot and it still hurt.

I haven't seen Hannah since Monday I think. I miss Hannah, she's the best.

I joined the gym downstairs today. I got a free one week membership. Just watch out I'll be so buff next Saturday no one will recognise me.

I hung out with Rich too. We haven't hung out together for well, years. Year 10 may have been the last time we did something together. But we had fun. He doesn't seem to have changed much, but I wouldn't be surprised if actually he's changed a lot. He drives now. That's new.

We went and saw The Terminal. Jimmy joined us.

James is now asleep in the next room. I cooked dinner and we watched a dvd. One day I'm going to learn to cook things that don't come out of a jar. Perhaps, um, slice. I'll cook slice and sell it at church fete. Except my church doesn't have fetes. I'll have to rectify that situation.

Maybe we could get a polling booth put in the church and run one of those election fetes. We could sell sausages, slice and punch to all the famished voters. Because voting is an exhausting past time. Especially if you number 1 to 78 under the line.