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What would you do if your house burnt down while you were in the shower?

In my childhood this was always a question that got much consideration. That and, what would happen if Jesus came back while I was in the shower? I was always horrified at the idea of having to run outside in the nude in front of all the firemen.

Anyway, this morning I have come a few big steps towards answering that question. While I was in the shower the fire alarm went off in this building. At first I thought it was my clock radio, but I remembered that I didn't have that set. As I stood in the shower and listened to the alarm I tried to decide if I should take it seriously, and if so, what should I take with me? I decided to take my mobile so I could message people and tell them of the excitement and my digital camera so I could take photos of the excitement.

When the alarm changed tone and a pre-recorded man started saying "Please evacuate as directed" I decided I would get out of the shower. I think it was the personal touch that did it. That and I couldn't properly tell what he was saying with the shower on and I was curious. I dried myself while the man continued to tell me to evacuate and I started to tell him to "Shut up, I'll be ready soon." I then went to my room to find some clothes because there's no way I'm going nude in front of a fireman. I wondered if anyone would worry if I wore the same clothes as yesterday, I decided it wouldn't be a big issue. Then it was time to find socks. Part way through finding socks I got distracted by the thought that if the building actually is burning down then that could be pretty impressive. So I headed out on to the balcony barefoot, because let's face it, looking for fire is much more exciting than looking for socks. All I saw on the balcony was other residents on their balconies looking rather bored. There were also some people in the driveway, with their boot open and a boot full of bags. Either they were taking the alarm seriously, and packing all their worldly possessions for a speedy getaway or they were paying no attention to the alarm what-so-ever and putting all their worldly possessions in harm's way.

I think it was about this time the alarms stopped.

The firemen turned up but they looked bored. The concierge walked out of the building looking bored. I looked at the flashing lights for a little while, because who doesn't like flashing lights? Then I went back to my shower and washed my hair.

I shaved too. Now I have a very silly looking goatee. I saw myself in the mirror and laughed. I won't keep it for long. But it's good for entertainment's sake.