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I'm taking this opportunity to blog because I don't know when the internet will come back to my bachelor pad. I'm worried that it may never come back. What if it's been cut off because the bill hasn't been paid or something? That would be terrible. I'd fix it but I can't.

Having no internet is horrid. I wander around like I've just broken up with my girlfriend. Actually I'm not sure if that is how I would wander round, but I mope. And I watch tv. It sucks.

If I get a girlfriend, and if we break up, I'll have a look at how I behave and see if it's the same.

Sometimes living alone is great fun. Sometimes it's a bit lonely. It's fun when you have things to do. It's lonely when you don't and you feel like going out. Or feel like having a visitor. Or seeing people. But there isn't anyone around. I think that's what being lonely is I guess.

Anyway, it's not a big deal. The cinema is just down the hallway so that will always be able to solve a problem or two. Plus I'm only in Chatswood for two more weeks. So I'll be fine. And I'm having a lot more fun than I'm not. I really like doing the washing up, and washing my clothes. I'm having fun. I enjoy cooking when there are people to cook for. I enjoy seeing little bits of mess and thinking "I'll clean that soon" And I enjoy it when I do clean up the mess.

Doing assessments there is boring, but good. There is nothing much to distract me so it works well.

I think the positives of Chatswood out weigh the negatives at the moment. Good fun I'm having.