4/16/2007 07:42:00 pm

So You Think You're Funny

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I've been thinking about funny lately. With Soul Survivor coming up, I'm getting that usual re-occurring thought "What the hell are you doing?". Sometimes it occurs to me that I do a comedy show and that's a bizarre thought.

If someone like me were to tell me they did a comedy show I'd think "You're rather full of yourself aren't you. I bet you're not funny." You have to be pretty pretentious to think you're funny. Especially funny enough to take up half and hour of people's time five nights in a row. What's wrong with me?

So as usual I'm scared. But I guess it's a better place to be than confident. I'd probably suck if I was confident. Maybe I'll bomb this year and they won't ask me back. That'd solve some problems.