4/14/2007 05:57:00 pm

Donny's On His Way

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I've been doing Donny Jaffa stuff all day. I shot a new segment in the morning with Liam. That was fun, rather absurd. Now I've edited all of them, I finished editing the "Wisdom with Tabitha"s too.

Now all I have to do is put the actual show DVDs together, put the Breakthru' Artz DVD together, edit a teaser for "Pilgrim" and write my seminar, and then I'm ready for Soul. Easy!

Oh and I have to actually find Donny's costume. The costume shop that I hired it from got bought by a costume shop that hasn't opened yet. They said they'd hire me the costume anyway, but they've disappeared off the radar. They've stopped returning my emails and they don't answer their phone. It's a worry. Perhaps Donny's going to have to get a hair cut.