4/05/2007 04:28:00 pm

Lonely Weekend

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So I'm looking at this weekend and a lot of my friends are going away. Jo, Ryan and Mil are all up in Byron. Along with David, Gemma, Keith and Stella. Martin is spending the weekend at The Great Escape. Mum and Dad have gone to Vanuatu. Howie and Jenny are off to Uluru on Sunday. Helen and Jon are off to Rockhampton. And well, I'm left here in Sydney with no plans except a few Church services.

Actually that's not true. I'm hanging out with a Gowie or two tomorrow night, and some Swans on Monday. But there will be a lot of time alone. I might edit some Tabitha. And I'll have lots of time to write my sermon. Hooray! Sermon writing! A wonderful substitute for friends. That's what I always say.