4/07/2007 12:43:00 am


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I had a meeting with Nathan the SIM (Student In Ministry) on Thursday at Brooky Pub. It was cool. We went for about 3 hours. We cooked our own $10 steaks, had some drinks (though only one beer was consumed between the two of us because we're well behaved Christian men and you don't want to go planning your youth ministry under the influence or you'll get calls from parents saying "Why is my Child learning about Chuck Norris in Bible Study?" which you would have to reply "That may have been the Tooheys New that made that decision"), visited JB Hi-Fi (for legitimate Youth Ministry research purposes) and Nathan lent me a DVD or 16 on the way back to church. Plus we got the teaching planned, some pastoral care sorted out, and started on next terms socials. I reckon I should have more meetings like that. Productive and tasty.