4/25/2007 11:36:00 pm


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I went and saw Disturbia yesterday. I was expecting to be your standard teen thriller fare. And it was. But I think it was some of the better teen thriller stuff. The best bit about it was that it was extremely youth orientated without looking like it was trying too hard. Like it used X-Boxes, PSPs, macs, iPods, mobiles much in the way that teen use them. And they were more part of the character's lives rather than just put in to make the film seem "hip".

Although it could have been trying too hard and I just didn't notice because I'm too old. But I thought it was fun. Plus I liked some of the banter. It made me laugh. A lot more than Bean's Holiday, I watched that today, that was a load of celluloid poop.

I had dinner with David tonight. He's a good man. We all played Emperor/Scum here in the Commie house and, boy, was there fun to be had.