4/13/2007 12:35:00 am

Johnny Passes

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I went and saw John Mayer tonight. That's number 2. He played the Entertainment Centre. He's an awesome guitarist. Watching him play makes selling your soul to the Devil to have guitar skills seem pretty tempting. And he didn't seem so sleazy this time, though that may have been because I was a lot further away.

The support act wore very tight jeans. He had way too much wobble for my mild sensibilities.

We did visit Eating World before hand, which is always a treat if only for the overload of tacky atmosphere. I'm not sure how impressed my concert watching colleagues were, I hope they one day take their Grand Children and say "It all started on the night I saw John Mayer". And I hope Eating World doesn't change a bit.

Now I have no concerts to look forward to. Nothing's on the radar. Maybe it's time for Bruce Springsteen to come to Australia. And Michael Franti can come back too. And U2. Yeah that'd be the stuff.