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What I did do on Thursday which I will write about is see X-Men: The Last Stand. I went to see the 10:15pm session with Ryan and Anmol. We were aiming for the 9:30 session but it was sold out. So we went and had a beer then headed up for the last session.

The film was rather cool. Wolverine is one of the coolest characters around. And Magneto is one of the best bad guys in recent action movie history. I love the way him and Professor X relate. As one guy put it, they're on opposite sides, but they haven't fogotten their friendship. I loved the scene in the house where Jean Gray goes nutso and isn't real nice to Xavier and you can just see the pain on Magneto's face. Like he can't bear what's going on, even though this guy is his enemy. Yeah. It mad the character kinda complex, and I like complexity.

I think it was the weakest film in the francise, but still that doesn't make it bad by any means. It was cool to see Jean Gray blowing stuff up. And that climax, with Gray and Wolverine, that was cool. I can just imagine every Christian preacher watching it and their face lighting up for a moment as they see "Sermon illustration" and then deflating as the perfect illustration get's killed before their eyes. The film makers were like "Get an illustration out of that Christians". Actually I doubt they even thought about it, but I did. When you see the scene you'll know what I mean.

Ryan mentioned he thought the scene would have worked better if they hadn't said anything at all. I think he was right. But it wouldn't have been as explictly moving and may have left a little room for ambiguty and you can't have that in a $200 million film.

But don't let me drone on. It was fun. Go see it. I wanna be an X-man.

Oh and read this review. It made me laugh. Beware it has spoilers.