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Travel Fun

Tomorrow I'm going to catch a bus all the way from the city to my work. Of course, that's not a big deal for lots of people but for me, well, I'm excited. I do love a good bus adventure these days, now that I'm not so scared of buses. They really were things of fear.

Howie and I want to go on a transport challenge like on "Top Gear". We're going to start in Newcastle then race from Newcastle to some obscure place in Melbourne as quickly as possible. One group will go in the car the other on public transport (including planes). I'm hoping more people want to do it because I reackon it'd be way fun if you didn't have to do it alone. Plus, I'd quite like to be on the public transport team.

I do it with my small group or something, but I'm not sure parents would want to shell out $100 or so dollars for a day's worth of transport fun.