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Tapped Off

I am continually reminded that this world is falling apart. Decay is everywhere. My discman broke recently. How unhappy. Now I don't listen to music when I travel.

This house has a disagreements with light globes and regularly blows them.

And our bathroom door broke a while ago which meant we had to shower and go to the toilet with no door. It did wonders for the inner-exhibitionist in me.

Now the cold tap on our shower has died. So I bought some new taps today at the hardware shop. I thought it's just be take off the old tap whack on the new one, but no, the new tap doesn't fit! They looked the same from the front. So now I own two taps, but still our cold tap is dead. I'll have to go see if I can find a to fit this time. Other wise we'll have to call the land lady, but I don't want that to happen. It'll be like admitting defeat. Although I reckon that's the likely outcome.