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I did just spend 3 days on camp, but I don't think now will be the time to talk about it because I'll be up all night and I want to go to bed.

What I will say though is that I broke my 2 year McDonald's fast on the way to camp this weekend. I was so hungry and the only place to eat was McDonald's. So I got a large McOz meal. I was hoping that it would taste great because I hadn't had one for so long. But it was rather dull as Maccas tends to be. Anyway, I returned to the McDonald's eating community on Friday night. I'm not sure if it's a perminant return but I think I've made my point. At least, if I had a point to make, I would have made it. Sadly I still am unsure why I stopped eating McDonald's so here I am.

The Macca's fast: 15th May 2004-26th May 2006. May it hold hold heart diease and obesity off just that little longer.