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Saturday Home

I'm home today and it's Saturday. I haven't got around to making anything happen today. I have a few ideas about how to fill my time today. I'll see what happens.

I'm happy to see the new Superman Returns trailer. Oh how exciting is Superman? The most wonderful superhero of all time I reckon. I'm so excited. Sadly the day the film comes out is the day after I leave Australia for Russia so I'm not sure where I'll see the film. I will refuse to watch it on a plane. I reckon if nothing else I'll go see it in England some where.

I found out last night that at the Enmore Theatre they're having a Breakdancing festival or something. I thought, how cool to go see that, but alas I will be out of the country for that too.

I went to see Dave Chappelle's Block Party last night with Ryan and Libby. It was cool. Lot's of lovely people who I want to be friends with. And it made me laugh. And it had lots of hip hop. Hip hop really is growing on me. I think when I get a car it'll have to have a good sound system, woofers, tweeters and them other ones, so I can listen to hip hop loudly and feel "pretty fly". Yo, wassup dawg?!?

We played Lock On at youth group last night. It's a laser tag game that you can play at home. When I was a young lad there were few of us who bought sets, and they're still around and going strong. They are much fun. Anyway we played it at church last night and it was most enjoyable. We ran around shooting each other. I wasn't very good at staying alive but I was good at killing people. In the first game I managed to obliterate a team of three almost single handedly. And that, my friends, is why you should always play all games against 11 year-olds who have never played before.

Although after that they got a bit wiser so I died with more regularity and with less success. That was because they learnt how to play and that they could reset their lives mid game by turning the switch on their headset on and off. Oh well, I guess it was a practical demonstration that eternal life comes to the shrewd and dishonest. Which is exactly what we like to teach at church.