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Love Again

We did Love Is again tonight at an Anglican Church in the bit of Sydney I don't like. It was the first time we've been invited to perform this show outside of Black Stump or Soul Survivor, so it was fun.

I preached at the end, almost exactly the same message that I gave almost a year ago at church. It was weird doing it again. Going over it this week has been like being an actor getting back into character. I was in a different place last year when I wrote the talk and I had to get back there, conjure up the feelings and remember why I wrote what I did. It seems strange to talk about preaching like acting, but I guess it's only really about finding authenticity because there's nothing worse than a preacher who isn't authentic. Except maybe nuclear weapons and AIDS and domestic violence. But apart from those, and probably quite a few other things, there's nothing worse than a preacher who isn't authentic.

Anyway, it was good. The show was good. There is many a talented person involved. And I felt like the message went alright. So yeah.

Tomorrow I'm off to a first aid course. Yeehaa. I love first aid. I want to save everyone's life.