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Last night's party was good fun. I'm not usually a fan of big parties. But this one was good. We probably had about 100 or more people here. It was rather squishy in this little house of mine.

I spent most of my time up stairs in mine and Jon's room chatting to people. That probably made the many people sardineing in my house more manageable.

The party kicked on till about 3am. We ended the night dancing to Michael Franti. I grooved, dude.

The thing I really liked about the party was that there were so many different types of people there. We all have very different friends. And all lovely friends as far as I can tell. There may have been some crashers but we wouldn't have known that.

The other good thing was that the party wasn't like most of the Christian parties I attend these days. It went past 11:30pm and there was pot smoking and drunk people. I haven't been to a party like that since high school, and I only got invited to three then.

So it was good. I am happy our house has been warmed by so many different friendly people.