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Donny seems to be coming together. I'm not as organised as last year, but I'm using a different approach this year. It's the less organised approach. Plus I'm planning on making segments of Donny at Soul this year too.

For those who are lost, I have to put together a DVD for every night I do the Donny Jaffa Show at Soul Survivor. And I usually show two video segments for every night I'm at Soul. This year I've done the usual "Wisdom with Tabitha" segements and I'm shooting the video diary of a camper at Soul. But those videos have to be shot at Soul so I'm not making the DVDs till I get to Soul this year. It should be a little nerve racking but hopefully it'll give us a more on the ball product.

Anyway I should go and at least create a show for tomorrow night so I'm ready there. And then I might go to bed because I have a bit to do tomorrow.