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Friday Night Fun

Last night after my small group social I drove home. At least started to drive home. But around Chatswood my car started making popping noises. That worried me some. Then they started to get louder and I started seeing visions of my car exploding into a massive ball of flame. My engine was super hot, boiling and bubbling away. I pulled over into a side street, found a place to park (deep in the heart of side-street-urbia cause it took me ages somewhere I could park), locked the car and left. I rang Jo to ask her when buses went through the Chatswood area to the City, but she and her friend kindly just came and drove me home. How very nice of them.

So now the Hannahvan is parked quietly somewhere in Chatswood, and I'll have to get a tow-truck to go get it. Grr. I reckon tow-trucks aren't cheap. Or maybe I can get Lubemobile, my mobile mechanic, to come and fix it. That could be good.

At the Bus Stop.jpg

At the Bus Stop waiting for Jo.