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Snotty Nose and Juicy Goss

I finished cleaning my room in Hornsby today. Only 6 weeks after I moved out. My mum will be so pleased. She's been bugging me about it for weeks.

I got hay-fever because there was so much dust in my room. Vacuuming up all the dust and cobwebs felt like I was vacuuming up the remnants of my history in that room. There was so much of my life that I lived through in that room, all my teenage years, and now I'm out. My adolescence is gone up the vacuum tube. As James says, my life is like a mist that is around for a little while and then is gone.

I got sent some psychological tests for my candidacy today. They look fun. I like psychological tests, they're good fun. Probably because I like talking about myself. I have to sign a form though saying that I won't copy them or reproduce the tests in anyway. How sad. They may ask me crazy questions like "Saturday is the best day for torturing small animals. a)agree b)disagree c)unsure" and I won't be able to blog it. What's the point of that? What's the point of life if you can't blog it? Bah!

Perhaps the people who are considering my application for candidacy will Google me and find this blog. If so "Hello to all you candidacy selectors. I love Jesus."

They may find lots of juicy info about me here, but I doubt it. All the most juicy stuff I left off. Like all the secret affairs I've had with Wiccan Priestesses. That's for the other blog.